Quotes heard from our customers!

“It’s my new favourite store!”

“The store is so beautiful and the people who work there are very kind and friendly, not intimidating at all”

“Unique collections of exotic clothing and accessories!”

“Fabulous selection of well displayed beads and gemstones!”

“Sympli clothing is the new staple in my wardrobe.”

“Very welcoming staff, knowledgeable and inspirational.”

“Finally, a store that truly understands the meaning of “Customer Service!”

“The staff at Auréa are helpful & informative, without being pushy.”

“I love coming in and having fun with the girls at Auréa!”


“Although you might not think so by how much time and money I spent at your store, I really do not like shopping. However, when I have to do it, I can only do so at a small, intimate shop that has already pre-selected fine clothing lines and whose staff is able to help me see all the possibilities. I LOVED my Aurea experience!! I haven’t had that much fun shopping, or that much success, in at least 15 years.”